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Hey y’all!  My name is Amelia Weed and I’m excited to introduce myself as your friendly DIY blogger know-it-all.  Well, I don’t actually know it ALL (please don’t tell anyone!).  However, if I don’t know how to do it and I have a hankerin’ to learn, I will figure it out.  A “resourceress” of sorts, if you will.

I live in a lovely weird little town in the ridiculously picturesque mountains of North Carolina.  I share my space with my wondrous, magical, creative partner, Moses Casual, and our two soft furry little kitty creatures, Goomba and Ramona.

Amelia & MC (cannot necessarily be trusted in public)

My humble intention with this blog is to guide you on your quest to becoming a modern renaissance person.  Or just to provide a yummy recipe or fun crafting project here or there for those of you with less lofty ambitions.  I will teach you my resourceful ways, with particular emphasis on being cost-effective and upcycling whenever possible.  This mindset has come from years of having expensive tastes, limited disposable income, and the vast interwebz at my fingertips.  Like I always say, if you can’t afford to buy it, then make it yourself!  There are limitations of course (i.e. oh how I wish I could DIY a nice fancy memory foam mattress!), but I’m here to show you that creating nice things for yourself, your friends/family, and your home isn’t as difficult as you may think, and to share with you my journey towards a more sustainable, creative, healthy lifestyle. I am forever learning and evolving, and I hope this blog will help you to do the same.

All content is created and written by Amelia, with MC providing photography and original artwork.  We’re starting with a few main sections to the site: Recipes, Sewing, Crafting, Gardening, DIY Personal Care and DIY Household. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

Amelia Weed Travoltified

P.S.  Some of you who know us personally may be wondering where our pen names come from.  “Amelia Weed” is the “Travoltified” version of my given name which, while markedly similar, is far more unique and so well-suited to my personality that I  adopted it immediately as my own.  “Moses Casual” is a name that has evolved over time straight out of Moses’s brainspace.  It’s delightfully enigmatic, much like Moses himself.


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